Resources for Those Who Love Our GTUx Original Psychedelics and Religion

Perhaps our GTUx Original Psychedelics and Religion Part 1 and Part 2 have piqued your curiosity on psychedelics, or you’ve followed the topic for years. To help you further your knowledge and understanding of the topic of psychedelics, we created a collection of resources. These resources include documentaries and series to stream online now, recent book releases, and organizations with online and regional resources. Suppose you’re interested in learning more about additional resources on the topic of psychedelics. In that case, we also offer an extensive resource guide in our GTUx Collections, which you can find under Readings and Resources: Psychedelics and Religion.

On our GTUx Connect Facebook group, we asked what additional resources you wanted to help support your learning journey with our GTUx Original Psychedelics and Religion Part 2. We heard you! Based on the results of our poll, we’ve prioritized streaming and reading resources. Stay tuned for future polls on our Facebook group and to add your voice to our community.


Series and Documentaries You Can Stream Now:

How to Change Your Mind with Michael Pollen

In this Netflix series, Michael Pollen (whom you might recognize from our GTUx Original Psychedelics and Religion Part 1, module 2) explores the historical, cultural, and medical potential of psychedelics.

Fantastic Fungi on Amazon Video

For those fascinated by phycobilin, this documentary offers a deep dive into the world of mushrooms with stunning visuals.

Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia on Hulu

This Hulu series offers an investigative and humored look across cultures and a broad range of substances.

The Mind, Explained, Season 1, Psychedelics

If you’re not ready to delve into a whole series or documentary, this short episode from the Netflix series The Mind, Explained delves into the biological interactions of psychedelics and the brain.


Reading List:

The Immortality Key

For those with a background or interest in Christian theology, this compelling book explores the world of psychedelics, Christian history, and Western traditions.

Your Mind on Plants

If you love reading about the interaction of plants and human affairs, this book offers history paired with engaging storytelling on the effects of opium, caffeine, and mescaline.

Drug use for Grown Ups

A timely read for those interested in the social justice and societal reform surrounding the culture of drug use.


Organizations Dedicated to Psychedelics:

UC Berkley Center for the Science of Psychedelics

The UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) focuses on culturally informed psychedelic research, training, and public education. You may recognize both David Presti (from Psychedelics and Religion Part 2, modules 1 and 2) and Michael Pollan, key leaders in this initiative. The center offers excellent resources for further study and exploration.

Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines

Chacruna offers various resources both in person and online, from workshops, events, articles, and more on psychedelics. For those looking to understand more about the peoples, cultures, and social justice aspects of psychedelics, Chacruna offers a deep dive into the experience of psychedelics and sacred plants.