Ritual Meets Practice in These GTUx Offerings

The act of ritual elevates everyday actions into sacred rites: a walk becomes a pilgrimage, the consumption of bread becomes the ingestion of the sacred, or an act of coming together becomes a life changing event. Enacting these modern and ancient rituals into every day life becomes a means of transcendence. Somehow, by the very act of engaging with these rituals, a person experiences a spiritual transformation in a meaningful way.

Ponder the spiritual act of ritual with these GTUx Originals and lectures that find the intersections of ritual and practice. In this selection of offerings, you will discover how spiritual traditions and faiths utilize ritual to create an alchemical experience. Perhaps these will lead you to consider the ways in which the rituals of your life bring a sense of sacred transformation to you and your own sacred practices.


Spirituality x Ritual

This GTUx lecture offers an introductory guide to exploring how ritual practices can enhance the spiritual experience of everyday activities. If you’re looking to learn more about the theory of ritual and practice, this is an excellent place to start.






Psychedelics x Ritual

This GTUx Original offers a guide to exploring how ancient and modern cultures offer a transcendent experience through the ingestion of psychedelics. For those looking to go in greater depth on the subject of psychedelics as they relate to spirituality, this is an excellent deep dive.





Tantric Practices x Ritual

This GTUx lecture traces tantric rituals from ancient texts to modern day practices. If you have a yoga background—or are just yoga curious—this is an excellent lecture to inform and elevate your next practice on the mat.






Pilgrimage x Ritual

This GTUx Original, the Arbaeen pilgrimage, and GTUx Live recording, “Where Pilgrims Meet the World,” are both an examination of how the simple act of travel can become elevated spiritual experiences for those undertaking pilgrimage. For those captivated by wanderlust, both offerings offer a look at travel and pilgrimage around the world. Short on time? Our GTUx Live recording is for you! Want to go further in depth? Then our GTUx Original on the Arbaeen pilgrimage is an excellent deep dive.