Linda Dakin-Grimm Offers Compassion, Catholic Teachings, and Legal Expertise in Our latest GTUx Lecture

In keeping with GTUx’s examination of “Politics and Religion,” our most recent GTUx lecture, “Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Stranger at the Border,” explores the juncture between the laws of our country and the dictates of sacred scriptures surrounding immigration. Linda Dakin-Grimm, a pro bono immigration lawyer with decades of experience, offers compassion focused practices grounded in Catholic teachings. Her lecture contextualizes these spiritual teachings within the legal framework surrounding immigration in the United States of America. In fact, she offers that these empathetic practices in immigration are part of a greater restorative justice system. This is in part due to the relationship between colonial practices of our government’s past and how its directly tied to the current conditions in Central and South America. In this interpretation, not only is it a sacred duty to offer compassion to those seeking asylum in our country, but it is also a social duty we owe to others.


In light of this lecture, here are some questions with actionable resources and ways in which you can be a part of the work Linda Dakin-Grimm, and others like her, are doing in this important field of work.

What can you do?

Speak up! Linda Dakin-Grimm says one-to-one communication is the best way to reach people. On a parish level, or community level, inviting people who know the subject matter to speak. Whether that’s someone who is working in this field, an immigrant family, or even Linda herself, these powerful stories must be shared.

What charities does Linda recommend who are working in the field of immigration assistance?

Whether you want to donate or meet people at the border, all of the following organizations are working in the field of immigration law and immigration support:

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND),

The Young Center for Immigrants Children’s Rights,

The Center for Migration Studies (CMS),

Catholic Charities, and

The Kino Border Initiative.

Where can you learn more about Linda?

You can find more about Linda Dakin-Grimm on her website or follow her on Twitter @LindaDakinGrimm. You can also purchase her book Dignity and Justice: Welcoming the Stranger at Our Border on Amazon.


Questions for Further Discussion

What other sacred scriptures promote a compassionate view toward immigration? How common are these texts engaged in political discussion?

Have you heard of any scriptures from the Old or New testament that are used for oppositional views other than the one Linda Dakin-Grimm offers? Are these accurate or fair depictions of the content being used in those arguments?

In regard to the separation of church and state, what are other secular compassion focused arguments that could be made to support migrants and migrant communities? How can these be communicated to others?