Be the Change in 2023 with GTUx Offerings Focused on Social Justice

Activate your New Year’s resolutions to be a part of something bigger this year with GTUx content focused on social justice. From full-length Originals to short inspirational lectures, these GTUx offerings will help you ring in the new year with content to jumpstart productive discourse and driven action. Explore new offerings alongside some of our most popular content to inspire you to be a part of positive change in the world.


Build Your Understanding from the Ground Up

This GTUx Original, The Spirit of Justice, offers the groundwork to understanding the spiritual context around social justice and inspires action around community organizing.






This lecture, “In Search of Common Ground,” is the perfect accompaniment to The Spirit of Justice and offers practical advice on engaging others in productive discourse around social justice causes.





Learn how to create environments that foster productive dialogue across differences with “Ethical Leadership x Brave Space.”






Find the Intersection of Social Justice and Environmental Justice

Modules 10 and 11 of our most popular GTUx Original, Ecospirituality, with Rev. Dr. Valerie Miles-Tribble offer a compelling perspective on the intersection of environmental justice and social justice.





Learn more about the pathway to repair and heal our relationship with the earth and with all oppressed peoples living on it in this powerful lecture, “Ethical Leadership x Climate Crisis.”






Support Indigenous Communities

Our newest GTUx Original Indigenous Traditions offers an understanding of how indigenous traditions can be the voice of the silenced community in their quest for justice, peace, and community building.





This lecture, “Beloved Community in Land and Spirit,” offers a perspective on what it means to live on and connect with indigenous land and speaks to the restorative justice initiatives for indigenous land in California.






Be a Part of a Hopeful Community with GTUx

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