4 GTUx Offerings to Inspire Your Earth Day

Bring your passion for the environment into focus with eco-conscious offerings from GTUx! From short lectures to GTUx Originals for those looking to dive deep, these four GTUx offerings will inspire your Earth Day:


1.) GTUx’s most popular lecture, “Ethical Leadership x Climate Crisis” by GTU PhD student Rev. Keyona Saquile Lazenby, discusses what ethical leadership looks like in the face of the climate crisis; the roles that policy, communities, and individuals each have to play in finding sustainable solutions; and the reasons we should be celebrating Earth Day every day of the year.



2.) Our GTUx Original, “Greening Spirituality,” is perfect for those looking to dive deep into the subject. Explore the varied ways in which the natural world, or the “other than human world,” has been imagined and experienced through embodied practices and creative acts throughout American history.




3.) For those looking to understand how faith-based organizations can play a role in sustainable solutions, our UNEP Faith and Sustainable Lifestyles GTUx Originals (Part 1 and Part 2) explores the role that faith-based organizations play in the establishment of sustainable lifestyles and achieving UNEP-established guidelines for the care of the earth.




4.) Bring your passion for the environment into your professional repertoire with our Certificate of Completion in Ecospirituality: Environmental Pathways to Healing. This professional development program weaves together our spiritual connection to the natural world and efforts towards planetary sustainability. Want to learn more about this program? We have an upcoming virtual information session this Thursday, April 25th from 12pm-12:30pm PT. Register here to join us!