Spirituality x Beauty

Dr. Christopher Renz, OP, Professor of Liturgical Studies and Science & Theology at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, discusses the ways in which experiencing and appreciating beauty can […]

A River of History and Change

The events we face globally are unprecedented. Individuals, communities, organizations, and governments worldwide have been navigating a global pandemic, widespread injustice, and heartbreaking violence. Throughout all of this, one of […]

Beloved Community in Land and Spirit

In this student story of action and resilience, Leora Cockrell of Starr King School of Ministry asks what it means to be a Jewish person living on and spiritually connecting […]

Bringing Spirit to the Public Square

Debra Mumford (PhD, ’07), is Dean of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, as the latest installment in our Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership Series.

Standing Tall and Reaching Out

We are delighted to present reflections from Mahjabeen Dhala (MA, ’17), who is a PhD candidate and Presidential Scholar at the GTU as the latest installment in our Spiritual Care […]

Exploring Spiritual Fluidity

Listen as Dianne Daniels, Master of Divinity Student at Starr King School for the Ministry, describes her spiritual journey as that of a seeker and the joy in questions and […]

Voices of Hope Walking Together

“Synodality comes from the Greek words for walking together. And so the GTU is this beautiful place where diverse backgrounds of people can walk together.” Listen as PhD student Mark […]