Bridging Identities En Conjunto

Listen in as GTU PhD candidate Pamela Stevens describes navigating bicultural community and church. Pamela’s episcopal church has experienced a challenging time of transition during the pandemic, but has found […]

Love Thy Neighbor

Victoria Price’s doctoral work at the GTU involves research into disability and inclusion in religious and spiritual spaces, placing emphasis on how digital communication technologies can be used to more […]

Spirituality x Environment

In this offering, Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda speaks about the critical mystical vision and how economic and environmental exploitation is wedded to racism.

Spirituality x Global Community

Dr. Chai Motupalli, Director of Student Life at the GTU, speaks towards the need for action against the alarming impacts of climate change in public life and social settings.

Bringing Boundaries to Heal with Love

Vanessa Fox is a Master of Divinity Student at Starr King School for the Ministry. Vanessa aims to make social justice activism accessible to her community by leading an anti-racism […]

Beloved Community in Land and Spirit

In this student story of action and resilience, Leora Cockrell of Starr King School of Ministry asks what it means to be a Jewish person living on and spiritually connecting […]

Bringing Spirit to the Public Square

Debra Mumford (PhD, ’07), is Dean of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, as the latest installment in our Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership Series.