The Nearness

The Nearness is a space to explore life’s big questions with like-hearted people. Each Nearness course gathers small groups of five to six people for weekly online discussion, where you engage in self-inquiry and reflection, experience the joy of meaningful connection and community, and experiment with new practices and rituals to support your spiritual life.

As part of our shared interest in fostering meaningful engagement around spiritual exploration and discovery, The Nearness is delighted to present a unique discount code for GTUx community members to participate in the upcoming course, which begins the week of July 10th. During each 8-week Nearness “course” (which is really more of a journey for the spirit), folks gather online in weekly small groups to reflect intentionally on what matters most, cultivate authentic connection with others, and clarify what spirituality really means for them in their lives. Sign up here by July 3rd and be sure to use code GTUX for 20% off the course fee.

When signing up for this course, please input the discount code we have provided on the final box of the sign-up form (#20). The Nearness will then manually provide a rebate to reimburse for the additional discount.