Halcyon Arts New England

Halcyon Arts brings the world of music and spirituality to New England by presenting programs that enrich and transform. We hold to the following purposes: a) Bringing talented musicians, other artists, teachers, and spiritual leaders from around the world to New England, in person and digitally, to share their work and programs with the public. b) Maintaining a series of public events such as concerts, classes, workshops and retreats each year. c) Offering music lessons, spiritual direction, and related services, to individuals.

As part of our shared interest in fostering meaningful engagement around topics of spiritual exploration and discovery, Halcyon Arts New England is delighted to present this unique opportunity for GTUx community members to participate in our Spiritual Journeys Book Group through the GTUx Connect program. Typically reserved for Halcyon Arts members, GTUx participants have the opportunity to sign-up for the Spiritual Journeys Fall offering. All offerings are hosted virtually via Zoom.