Indigenous Spirituality, Peacebuilding, and Cross-Border Interlocutions/Engagement

Indigenous spirituality and their approach to peacebuilding offers pathways for cosmic harmony, beauty, and respect. It affirms the celebration of life and the continued co-existence of all creation through self-restraint, respect, ecological economics, justice, a sense of finitude and the need to share space for flourishing of the entire¬†oikos. This is why, indigenous tradition matters, […]

What Do We Believe Today?

Join a live discussion with Sarah Feinbloom, documentary filmmaker and founder of GOOD DOCS, together with Dr. Paula Nesbitt, Visiting Professor of Sociology of Religion at GTU, as moderated by Sephora Markson, Executive Lead for GTUx and religious studies scholar. In this conversation, we will delve deeply into the topics surfaced in Feinbloom's 2019 film, […]