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The Spirit of Justice

In an age marked by extremism and divisiveness, we offer 'The Spirit of Justice' as a response to the widespread questions, "What is justice?" and "What is to be done?" Part intellectual and religious history, part call to action, in this GTUx Original, Dr. David Kyuman Kim serves as a guide to answering our most pressing questions about justice and public life.

Faculty: Dr. David Kyuman Kim


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Greening Spirituality

This course will explore the varied ways in which the natural world has been imagined and experienced through embodied practices and creative acts throughout American history, including consideration of Native American and Dharma traditions, the elemental potencies of wilderness (and wildness), and the way that the sanctification of natural spaces has come to resemble a form of civic religion.

Faculty: Drs. Rita Sherma and Devin Zuber

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The Lure of Power: Religion, Politics, Insurrection

GTU scholars from diverse disciplinary and religious backgrounds will explore the complex entanglement of politics and religion vis-à-vis events in the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and their aftermath.

Faculty: Drs. Deena Aranoff, Valerie Miles-Tribble, Elizabeth Peña, and Devin Zuber



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