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COMING SOON: Indigenous Traditions

It is vital that indigenous people’s resources are tapped to seek ways in which indigenous traditions and tribal theology can aid in building communities and offer frameworks that foster mutual flourishing and interdependence of all creation. Learn more from Dr. Zulunungsang Lemtur in this GTUx Original. 

In this installment of our Spiritual Care and Ethical Leadership Series, PhD student Rev. Keyona Saquile Lazenby discusses what ethical leadership looks like in the face of climate crisis; the roles that policy, communities, and individuals each have to play in finding sustainable solutions; and the reason we should be celebrating Earth Day every day of the year.

Join us for a free, live discussion on December 7 featuring Dr. Zulunungang Lemtur, Raphael Mkuzi (PhD Candidate, GTU), and Gideon Mbui (PhD Student, GTU). 

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